X-CONCEPT SAS European specialist of Data Acquisition and Imaging products.

X-CONCEPT SAS is a Leader in Data Acquisition products (more than 10.000 Data Entry workstations in Europe) and keeps this leadership in several ways :

  Benefits totally reinvested in research and development,
  State of the Art object oriented solutions,
  Permanent observation of the latest technologies,

but also expands its activities :

  Image oriented payments solutions,
  Automatic encoding,
  Checks processing with image or document readers.

The technologies used allow to be in constant evolution : 
  Characters recognition.

X-CONCEPT SAS is a pioneer in Image oriented data entry
(its KGS software was installed in Portugal and Italy in the early 90's).

X-CONCEPT SAS software is used in many of the main economicall companies,
with major references :

  Administrations and public companies,
  Banks and Insurance companies,
  Main service bureau companies.

X-CONCEPT SAS solutions can be used to create complete architectures for data acquisition, with powerful parameters and programmed interface.