Fourth generation data entry 

X-CONCEPT SA, author of KPL (third generation Data Entry product), is delighted to introduce :

KGS, Image oriented Data Entry :

By allowing the display of scanned images, or images parts, and also data already recognized,

  - either by dedicated recognition scanners (CMC7, OCR-B, etc ..),

  - or by ICR / OCR software, such as RECONNEX

KGS offers State if the Art Data Entry, integrated in the latest environments.

Meanwhile, KGS keeps with all the concepts of traditional Data Entry.

Based on a strong experience in this area (large number of data entry workstations in Europe are using KPL),

X-CONCEPT SA has integrated in to-day environments the basic concepts of Data Entry :

  - Reliability,

  - Performances,

  - Security,

  - Ease of use.

KGS runs under 32bits windows environments (Win 95, 98, Me, NT4, 2000, XP) and interfaces any kind of network (by accessing only logical units)

KGS is made of three main programs

KGSDEV the applications development environment,

KGSMON the supervisor functions,

KGSENT the data entry / verification program.

KGS/Windows offers an access to data bases.